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The Daileigh

By :Hussein Abdel Latif 0 comments
The Daileigh

The Daileigh’s Ashleigh Hutchinson wants her readers to build their perfect closet. She aims to help women of all ages find or create a style they love. In particular, Ashleigh wants older women to feel confident in their own style. She wants to break the assumption that some trends are suited only to a particular age group. Ashleigh’s philosophy centers around the notion that “age is only a number.”

Ashleigh’s blog is full of advice for the regular woman to make better fashion choices, whether it’s “Dressing Better With the Clothes You Have” or starting a capsule wardrobe. Along with her blog posts, she has also published e-books and has even held online webinars to help people improve their fashion sense.

Ashleigh frequently posts “How To” articles, often adapted to target a particular segment of her audience. She has written posts that are aimed at women of varying ages:

  • How to Wear Shorts in Your 40s
  • How to Wear Shorts in Your 50s
  • How to Wear Shorts in Your 60s
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